Washing and maintenance services for road drains

Washing and maintenance services for road drains

The road drains are indispensable elements in civil sewer systems since they ensure the proper flow of water.It is therefore imperative to perform periodic washing and cleaning operations  on the drains, freeing them from solid bodies or sand that might stop them working properly, to avoid disruptive flooding and unpleasant odours.Pab Spurghi, located in Fallonica, in the province of Grosseto, is a company that is active in the field of civil purging, and makes its professional services available for general and extraordinary cleaning operations.


Regular maintenance of the wells

The company offers periodic cleaning and maintenance services of wells with the extraction of mud, leaves and other residues, as well as the descaling of the walls especially clearing the bottom sections of the sandy patina making them waterproof.It performs an accurate pressure wash and monitors the correct operation of the valves.Regular cleaning operations carried out by the company are also provided for water collection wells, tanks and reservoirs.


Highly-trained staff

Pab Spurghi's staff are always up to date with the latest technology and procedural developments in the industry, thus providing prompt and very efficient cleaning and purging services.By coordinating with the customer, the company carries out regular maintenance operations, also using the latest generation of equipment, such as video inspection systems, to monitor the overall status of drainage networks and to intervene promptly in the event of malfunctions.The company is also available in cases that need immediate intervention.The company also offers services in Livorno, Grosseto, Rosignano Marittimo, Piombino and San Vincenzo.

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