Searching for fractures by means of video inspection

Searching for fractures by means of video inspection


Pab Spurghi, located in Follonica, in the province of Grosseto, is a company that has been active for years in the field of purging and maintaining sewers.The company operates with the latest generation video inspection systems to ensure that any fractures in the sewer network are found and promptly resolved.


Monitoring with video cameras

The company from Tuscany uses video cameras on an ad hoc basis, connected with cables of various diameters to an external TV system.The technical staff are able to conduct a thorough investigation of the condition of any sewer network, identifying any fractures, obstructions or structural issues.In this way, our technicians can carry out a targeted repair, using the most suitable tools to solve the specific problem.


Monitoring the connections

The video inspection systems used by Pab Spurghi, in addition to making it easier to find any breaks, are particularly useful for monitoring connections, testing a newly constructed sewer network, assessing the state of degradation of dated pipework and choosing the optimum methods of cleaning and purging, thus avoiding the use of inappropriate instrumentation and an unnecessary waste of equipment and time.The services of the company are designed in particular for private citizens, condominiums and residential centres; please contact the company to request a free quote.The company also offers services in Livorno, Grosseto, Rosignano Marittimo, Piombino and San Vincenzo.

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