civil purging


Pab Spurghi, based in Follonica in the province of Grosseto, has worked for years with great professionalism in private homes, condominiums and residential centres.In addition to Grosseto, we also serve Livorno, Rosignano Marittimo, Piombino and San Vincenzo.Please contact us for a quote via the Contact Us page.


The best solution to avoid obstructions in pipes, wells and biological pits is to contact a cleaning company  such as Pab Spurghi, which offers careful and well-planned maintenance of the civil sewer network ensuring the correct disposal of sewerage in order to avoid unpleasant blockage situations.


Cesspit emptying service


The company performs accurate maintenance and cleaning operations of sewers and wells, carrying out regular cesspit cleaning services  , in five phases:


  1. Washing and descaling of the entire sewer network;
  2. Monitoring and careful cleaning of siphons;
  3. Washing and evacuation of the contents of biological pits, tanks and wells;
  4. Careful maintenance of the non-return valve that is dismantled, thoroughly washed and reassembled;
  5. Hydrodynamic washing and descaling of clear water pipes.

The purging service  is completed by washing the wells that collect rainwater and by cleaning the grids, separating them from any materials and residues.


Urgent purging operations


In supporting municipal administrations for scheduled city sewerage services, Pab Spurghi is also available for urgent operations.Our technical staff are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.Please feel free to contact our company for more information and to receive a free quote.

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