Emergency operations on sewer networks


Pab Spurghi, based in Follonica (GR), offers a 24 hour emergency service for clearing and repairing sewers.


Our team of professional technicians is able to intervene for any event every day of the year, including holidays, solving any urgent sewer problem due, for example, to roads being flooded because of faults in wells or fractures in drainage channels.


Prompt sewer operations: clearance and repairs


As far as extraordinary maintenance services and prompt sewer operations are concerned, Pab Spurghi's experienced staff also make use of video inspection systems.Our remote micro-cameras are able to monitor sewer status and detect any fractures.


On the basis of this preliminary analysis, we can intervene in a capillary manner by providing clearance (partial or total) of drainage channels and pipes and any repairs of structural faults.


Purging of drains


We have been working with the utmost professionalism for many years in the drainage sector.We deal in particular with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of sewerage networks, offering purging services aimed at private citizens, condominium complexes and residential centres.


Our company is the ideal partner for municipal administrations to which we can offer regular scheduled drain services, also guaranteeing the attention of a specialised team for emergency support.


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